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Easter & Spring.

This is a section dedicated to  Easter with little Nisse, Tomte, animals and eggs. Each one has a charm of its own and with the wide variety there is something for everyone. The only problem will be choosing which one to adopt!

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  • Blacknose Sheep.IMG_1655

    Blacknose Sheep. Blacknose Sheep are very freindly, they pretend to be shy and hide behind a long fluffy fringe. Made from Fimo.

  • Bumble Bees.SONY DSC

    Bumble Bee. This cute little bumble bee helps the Nisse look after the forest flowers, as well as gathering honey for themselves and the Nisse. He is approximately approximately 40mm  high, a yellow painted wooden body with black spotted / fluffy ring decoration. His wings are made of coiled wire as are his antenna.

  • Bunny Rabbits.SONY DSC

    Bunny Rabbits. These colourful rabbits are made from wood painted in red with white spots or white with brown spots, they have wooden feet and hands, felt ears to match their colour and a white pom pom tail. They stand approximately 40mm high and have wooden feet and hands.Look closely and you will see his […]

  • Butterbug.DSCN0939

    Butterbug. Butterbugs are Nordic Charms beautiful little butterflys. The felted winged butterbugs are adorned with iridescent sequins which sparkle in the light. The Beaded winged Butterbug have crystal beads which sparkle in the light. Approximately 4cm tall with a wooden body and felt wings.

  • Caterpillar.DSCN0821

    Caterpillar. This charming little green caterpillar is licking his lips and looking for his next apple to munch upon. He is made from Fimo approx 7cm long.

  • Cheeky Chicks.SONY DSC

    Cheeky Chicks. Adorable little cheeky chicks stand approximately 35mm high. Thier bodies are painted bright yellow with white spots, they have bright yellow felt wings an orange felt beak and on top of thier head is a yellow feather. Decorate your room with cheeky chicks.

  • Chicky Long stockings.SONY DSC

    Chicky Long Stockings. These long legged chicks are available in pastel pink, pastel yellow and pastel green. Thier long velvet legs are weighted with corresponding pastel beads to stop them from flying away while thier feathery tail flutters in the breeze. Chicky Long Stocking has a velvet loop at the top of thier heads, making […]

  • Dizzy Duck.IMG_1441

    Dizzy Duck. Introducing Dizzy Duck. Always on the go, Dizzy rushes around with a shock of white feathers on her head waving in the breaze which she causes. She is approximately 35mm high.

  • Easter Cones.10414471_719730578143107_591204728245965830_n

    Easter Cones. Having an Easter Egg Hunt for the children, let them collect thier chocolate eggs in these fun Easter Cones. Large cones approx 24 cm x 7cm diameter. Smaller Cones approx 13.5cm high x 7.5cm diameter.

  • Easter Egg Green.SONY DSC

    Easter Eggs Green These wooden Easter eggs are painted in Pastel green with white spots. They come in 3 sizes the large Easter Eggs are 6cm high and have a white ribbon tied in a bow to hang from. The medium Easter Eggs are 3cm high and hand from a yellow cord while the small […]

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