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Asas Tomtebods

It is with great pleasure that we have been invited to sell Asas Tomtebods. These Tomtebods are made in Sweden and are of the highest quality. You can see Asas Tomtebods website by going to our link. Items may vary slightly in appearance as they all have their own personalities and characters.


Tomtebods may take a few weeks to arrive due to the long journey via Sweden then resting before traveling on to their new home.


For Christmas orders please allow plenty of time for delivery due to the Christmas post and Asas Tomtebods Christmas Holiday as well as our own. We suggest that the first week in December should be the last orders for Asas Tomtebods.

Quote from Asa’s Tomtebod Homepage.

Land Boden

Asa's tomtebod

In this little cabin in Örnaholm I started my Tomtebod 1993rd Here we are still the majority of our products. Admittedly, we have built, but we’re still working with natural materials and with our hands. Our products are handicrafts of the highest quality, with its own registered design. Big sellers are our Santas (Santas Beard and Gnomes), but the range is also slightly different, and each year we try to create something new.

The environment inspires us is clear enough picture. Nowadays, we sell nothing directly to individuals, but our crafts can be found at retailers across the country.

In 1993, Asa’s Tomtebod was Founded in this little house in Örnaholm. We still manage to produce most of our products here, but since the start We have expanded the building. Although the business speed grown, the products are still handmade and by Strictly materials from nature. Nowadays, we do not sell anything to private person here. Instead our products are available at our retailers.

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  • Angel.302-_ngel_vit_bl_

    Angel. This serene Angel is about 17cm high made from Icelandic sheepskin and has a pale blue or pink ribbon about her waist.

  • Blomkvist.1006

    Blomkvist. Blomkvist is about 40 cm tall designed to be in flowerpots. These can be used for your flower decorations, bouquets, flower pots or garden, they can also be used as  decorative ornamentation for food display or any other type of decoration.  I placed mine in the Christmas tree and had the sweet little fellow […]

  • Bridal Couple. Vickan & Danne.1070

    Bridal Couple. Now there is a wedding in the Kingdom of Sweden. With breakneck speed news reached the empty forest. To everyone’s delight, Asas Tomtebods present thier own wedding … Vickan & Danne stand 30 – 37 cm.

  • Cast Iron Tomte.12

    Cast Iron Tomte. The cast iron Tomte are solid. They are compact and sturdy, which means they stand firmly on the earth and on the tables. Standing approximately 27cm high.

  • Grankvist.1007

    Grankvist. Grankvist is cute wherever he hangs whether it’s in a spruce twig, pine twig or birch twig. Height 12cm.

  • Mice.19

    Mice. Musinvation. Out in Sweden, it is full of wild animals. Rabbits, hares, deer, elk, wild boar. Most are certainly wild but peaceful and usually stays at a comfortable distance. But so does a mouse. They literally eat us out of the house. They are everywhere – under the kitchen sink, including electrical wiring and […]

  • Skaggtomte Large.1003

    Skaggtomte Large. Our classic model with a wooden frame. With a tangled wool cap and beard made with genuine sheepskins. All are available with red, grey or white cap. 30 cm tall.

  • Small Skaggtomte.3-small-skaggtomte-7

    Small Skaggtomte.     Our classic model with a wooden frame. With a tangled wool cap and beard made with genuine sheepskins. All are available with red, grey or white cap. 25 cm tall.

  • Tomte / Nisse.1015g-1018g

    Gnomes. What is a Tomte / Nisse anyway? There are many who asked, and it is perhaps not surprising because not many people who come across them, where they live in the woods in their dens. Some are afraid of them, but it does certainly can not be. For those I met was both sweet […]

  • Trolls.10593027_671685059588863_8444204820957332577_n

    Trolls. Trolls can be really mean, ugly and dirty but not those who live in the woods around Örnaholm.

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