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We make different types of Nisse, this is our Angel section. Which little Angel is catching your eye!

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  • Cone Angel.

    Cone Angel. There is always a smile on these adorable Angels which have white feathery hair that matches the white feathery hem of thier skirts. They have jointed arms and metal wings and stand on a wood base.  Standing approximately 18cm tall.

  • Glitter AngelGlitter Angel

    GLITTER ANGEL. This little angel stands 9cm tall approximately, she is able to stand on a flat surface or fly (hang) in the Christmas tree.  She has a white painted wooden body with a sprinkling of silver glitter with wings made from white felt. She is wearing a white felt scarf and hat which is also decorated with […]

  • Snow Angel

    SNOW ANGEL. This Snowy angel is approximately 7cm tall she is able to stand on a flat surface or fly (hang) around the Christmas tree branches. Her wooden body is dressed in white , a white felt scarf and hat keep this little cherub warm. A silver star shines from the top of her hat and her metal […]

  • Soft Hearted Angel StandingSoft Hearted Angel Standing A004

    SOFT HEARTED ANGEL STANDING.   This sweet angel has a heart of gold, she stands approximately 6.5cm or 9cm high on a flat surface, she serenely watches all the festivities going on around her.  She has a white wooden body and in her hands she holds a heart of gold (brass wire). She wears a neck-let of gold (Brass wire)  […]

  • Treetop Angel.

    Treetop Angel. This beautiful angel is designed to sit at the top of your Christmas Tree, She has a card cone body wrapped in off white felt for her dress. The same felt is used for her wings which sparkle with silver glitter. She wears a gold wire necklet and has a gold wire halo. […]

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