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Penguin. Frieght House Table 2. frieght house table. Sophie. apple lantern. naasgransgarden mushroom. Paperweight. Asas Witches. Asas Tomtebods on bed. Fairy of the Glen. Reindeer. Speckled Hens. Mantelpiece 2. xmas tree decs. Mantlepiece. Easter Decorations on Lighted Twigs Easter Dinner Table. Sleigh & Carolers. Decorations in the Light Twigs. Long Spotted Heart. Dala Horse & Elk. Christmas Dinner Table. Christmas Tree. Baby Cone. Easter Nisse. Jorg, Uldras, Erik & Erika. Sweetheart Cone. Asas Tomtebods. Trolls. Nordic Charm. Picture by Lennart Helje. Bride & Groom. Carolers. Easter Craft Fair. Easter Craft Fair. Angels. Winter Nisse & Friends. Silver Nisse. Bell & Gift Nisse. Girl Nisse & Eco Wool Pixies. Nosey/Noddy/ Snow & Lady Nisse. Group Nisse. Colourful Family Nisse. Santa’s Helpers & Nisse with Heart. The Mill Hall, Craft Fair Nordic Charm @ Mill Hall, Rayleigh 2009 Nordic Charm @ Fair 2009
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