Welcome to Nordic Charm,  We are Paul Viggo and Jane Catherine Joscelyne, Thank you for visiting us.  Paul is half Danish and Jane has Scandinavian ancestry and we have a passion for Scandinavian art and folklore. Fascinated by the little people of the north, the Nisse or Tomte people, Paul and Jane started to lovingly make Nisse for themselves, each one becoming a member of their family and soon relatives and friends started to ask for them, the interest grew further with the families of their friends. This website contains a whole world of Nisse /Tomte from town to country Nisse with a page dedicated to each having a summery of their influence (please visit the ‘Types of Nisse’ page).

As this site grows we will be offering craft items connected to the art, folklore and myths of all the North Lands, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Britain, Ireland, Germany and the Slavic Lands.

We were members of the International Viking Association and are friends and colleagues of the Brotherhood of the Jomsvikings. We have both been involved with ancient history and technologies for many years. Jane is an embroideress, textile craft worker and rune-caster; she has re-created scenes from the Bayeux Tapestry for wall hangings and cushion covers, also tablet weaving using authentic materials. Paul is a medieval craftsman, using authentic tools and methods in wood, bone, antler, horn and metal, also decorative artwork and wood carving. During re-enactment shows we have demonstrated the old ways of craft. We have made many items for people over the years both within the history circles and beyond, also supplying to the American market. We can make items to customer’s specifications in any material from any period.

We have used natural products on our Nisse and each one has been lovingly created with care by hand so they will reach their future homes with good spirits. Your Nisse may like to live in the rooms with you all year round or they may like to be tucked away once Christmas has passed. If they prefer to be tucked away please wrap them carefully so they are snug and warm until they wish to reappear, they will then reward you for many years to come giving pleasure and good luck if treated well.

All fleece and wool are sourced from many countries and we are assured that good animal welfare practices are used and that the ‘wool on skin’ material is not sourced from the practice of “musling”. The designs may vary slightly from those shown as all products are made by hand.

Please feel free to contact us. If you  find  your Nisse arrives damaged please return your Nisse in the condition in which it arrived to you and we will send a full refund. This applies to all our products.

The Nisser contain small parts and are not suitable for babies or young children.



For Christmas orders please allow plenty of time for delivery due to the Christmas post and our Christmas Holiday period. We suggest that two weeks before 25th December should be the last orders  for Christmas.