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We have a wide selection of  decorative hearts. In Denmark hearts are as popular as the little Nisse themselves.

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  • Crystal Drop Heart.

    Crystal Drop Heart. These lovely hearts are decorated with ruby beads, from the centre of the heart hangs a crystal drop. The heart hangs on white satin ribbon. They come in two sizes approximately 13cm and 18cm.

  • Danish Heart.Danish Heart H003

    Danish Heart. These charming little hearts are made in wood, painted white and red in the traditional Danish heart style on both sides, hanging from string. Approx 4cm x 4cm.

  • Decorative Red Hearts.

    Decorative Red Heart. These decorative hearts are painted red with a candy twist red/white cord. They are a lovely adornment for any Christmas Tree. Styles may vary.

  • Double Hearts.

    Double Hearts. Double Hearts come in two sizes approximatelt 13cm and 18cm, they are made from Birchwood, making a beautiful natural look.

  • Filigree Hearts.

    Filigree Hearts. These delicate little Filigree hearts come in two colours either red or white. The heart is approximately 4 cm, with the candy cane twist string they are a little longer.

  • Flower Hearts.

    Flower Hearts. These charming hearts are decorated on both sides with little red flowers freshly picked by the Nisse. Inside each flowers petals hides an imitation diamond. Appoximately 8cm long.

  • Red Star Stitch Heart.

    Red Star Stitch Heart. Hanging from ribbon these surprisingly light red wooden hearts are decorated with a running stitch pattern around the edge and a star stitch pattern in the centre on both sides. Approx 5 x 10.5cm, thickness 33mm.

  • Silver Spotted Heart.Silver Spotted Heart H007

    Silver Spotted Heart. Made from wood, these surprisingly light white hearts are decorated with silver spots, hanging from a white ribbon decorated with a white wooden bead. Approx 10.5 x 5 cm.

  • Spotted Heart.Spotted Heart KH008

    Spotted Heart. These slimline red wooden hearts are decorated with white spots, hanging from a red and white twist ribbon.  They have a long ribbon allowing them to be hung from a door or window. Approx 3.5 x 9cm.

  • Wire Hearts.Wire Hearts KH009

    Wire Hearts. Charming New England style wire hearts hang from a red and white checked ribbon. Hanging from the centre of the heart is a resin crystal drop. Approx 8 x 8cm.

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