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In this section there is a variety of animals which the Nisse / Tomte look after in the forests.

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  • Lambs.

    Lambs. These cute little fluffy lambs are approximately 6cm high.They have felted white or black bodies. A gorgeous keepsake  for lamb or sheep admirers.

  • Batty Bats.

    Batty Bats are Batty! They have lots of fun flying around especially on Halloween! They have a wooden body with felted wings and are able to fly around as they hang on fine thread.

  • BlackNose Sheep.

    Blacknose Sheep are the cutest ever sheep and are very freindly, they pretend to be shy and hide behind a long fluffy fringe. Made from Fimo.

  • Bumble Bee.

    This cute little bumble bee helps the Nisse look after the forest flowers, as well as gathering honey for themselves and the Nisse. He is approximately approximately 40mm  high, a yellow painted wooden body with black spotted / fluffy ring decoration. His wings are made of coiled wire as are his antenna.  

  • Bunny Rabbits.

    ‘The Rabbit has a shiny nose, on this you may depend, Because his little powder puff, Is on the other end.’ These playful rabbits have fun hiding from the Nisse, although they do help them to collect the vegetables for dinner! Their wooden bodies are painted in either white with brown spots or red with […]

  • Butterbugs.

    Butterbugs are Nordic Charms beautiful little butterflys. These delicate little spirits love the flowers that the Nisse attend and adorn the Nisse gardens in abundance! Their delicate crystal beaded wings sparkle in the sunlight. Approximately 4cm tall.

  • Caterpillar.

    This charming little green caterpillar is licking his lips and looking for the next juicy apple to munch upon, although he is very careful to only choose the fallen apples. He is made from Fimo approx 7cm long.

  • Cheeky Chicks.

    Cheeky Chicks. Our adorable little cheeky chicks have fun all day playing in or out of the chicken coupe! They are very Glad the Nisse are there to keep them safe! They have bright yellow bodies with white spots, new bright yellow felt wings that cannot fly too far, an orange felt beak that likes […]

  • Chicky Long Stocking.

    Chicky Long Stocking. These long legged chicks are available in pastel pink, pastel yellow and pastel green. Thier long velvet legs are weighted with corresponding pastel beads to stop them from flying away while thier feathery tail flutters in the breeze. Chicky Long Stocking has a velvet loop at the top of thier heads, making […]

  • Christmas Pig

      These cute little Christmas pigs just love being pets and playing with the Nisse & Tomte childrenin the forest. Approximately 1 inch tall and 1 inch long.

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