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In our Snowman section we have some fun characters to choose from.

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  • Christmas Tree Snowman.

    Christmas Tree Snowman. This is a Christmas Tree Snowman, a smaller version of the Jolly Snowman. He is small enough to hang in the Christmas tree without weighing the branches down.

  • Jolly Snowman.

    Jolly Snowman. This Jolly round snowman is made of wood, painted white with 3 black Cole effect buttons. He is wearing a colourful scarf and a black felt hat. His eyes are painted with a black Cole effect and he has a tiny carrot nose. His little brother hangs from the Christmas tree on a […]

  • Little Snowman.

    Little Snowman. Little Snowman stands approximately 4 cm high. He is made using Fimo.

  • Melting Snowman.

    Melting Snowman. This cute little Snowman has stayed out in the sun to long and has started to melt! His snow glistens in the sunshine, he wears a felt top hat and a multicoloured scarf. He has either a sad ‘Oh No’ face or a ‘I feel peculiar’ face. The base is Approximately 11″ x […]

  • Patchwork Snowman.

    Patchwork Snowman. His white wooden body has black painted buttons and a painted patch. He wears a felt scarf and a red knitted hat to keep warm. He stands appox 8cm high.

  • Wooden Snowman.

    Wooden Snowman. This frosty Snowman stands approx 24cm tall is made from wood and painted with a red hat and gloves with a green scarf. His carrot nose is a wooden cone.

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