Tomte / Nisse.

Tomtebods using sheepskin from Gotland (coded G)
White Tomtebods



What is a Tomte / Nisse anyway? There are many who asked, and it is perhaps not surprising because not many people who come across them, where they live in the woods in their dens.

Some are afraid of them, but it does certainly can not be. For those I met was both sweet and kind. It is said that they only exist in Smaland, or that it’s just us in Småland who met them. And I think it was a sin, so therefore I have depicted these for you all, wherever you come from. All Gnomes are available with red or gray cap.

What is a gnome? There have been many questions about gnomes. Not many people have seen them because they are very shy and live in the woods. Some people are scared of them but they should not be. The gnomes are both cute and kind.

They are known only to live in Småland, or maybe it is so that people only have seen them there. For those who have not seen gnomes asas Tomtebod  decided to reproduce them so everyone from all over the world gets a chance to see them. All Gnomes are available with red or gray cap.

Gnomes with Sheep Skin from Gotland.


I have a very special fine hair That comes from Gotland sheep. These are unique to Sweden and have curls in various shades of gray.

Please brush me, it itches so good in my beard! If my curls Disappear, try to sprinkle some water on my hair.

Viktor with friends


If the Asas Tomtebod you wish to adopt is not available, please let us know via email. We do not keep all the Asas Tomtebods at Nordic Charm, some have to travel from Asas Tomtebod in Sweden, therefore we need to know which Tomte people are interested in adopting before we send for them. Thank you.


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