Out in Sweden, it is full of wild animals.
Rabbits, hares, deer, elk, wild boar.
Most are certainly wild but peaceful and usually stays at a comfortable distance.

But so does a mouse.
They literally eat us out of the house. They are everywhere – under the kitchen sink, including electrical wiring and in the pantry.
Vile little creatures are what they are.
Speed ​​makes them hard to capture.
But then we have the cat.
After his morning round, he comes home with his tail proudly in the air, and a wildly kicking little mouse in his mouth.
Poor little cute mouse.
Evil Cat!

What do we really know about mice?
It would be nice to have a cute little mouse, which does not cause nuisance and that the cat does not want to eat up.


If the Asas Tomtebod you wish to adopt is not available, please let us know via email. We do not keep all the Asas Tomtebods at Nordic Charm, some have to travel from Asas Tomtebod in Sweden, therefore we need to know which Tomte people are interested in adopting before we send for them. Thank you.



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