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In this Section you will find Spooky Nisse!


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  • Batty Bats.

    Batty Bats. Batty Bats are Batty! They have lots of fun flying around especially on Halloween! They have a wooden body with felted wings and are able to fly around as they hang on fine thread.

  • Franken Nisse.

    Franken Nisse. It looks like Franken Nisse is all stitched up! A mop of black hair and wire bolts through his neck.

  • Invidia.

    Invidia. Dressed black as night with stars adorning her attire, stands Ividia the witch holding her broomstick. Legend has it that a woman who carries the wand would not be harmed. Approx hieght 17cm.

  • Mummy.

    Mummy. The Mummy is dressed in a white shroud with spooky eyes watching your every move! Approximately 11cm high.

  • Pumpkin.

    Pumpkin. Pumpkin Nisse is disguised and can hide among the pumpkins without being noticed. Approximately 15cm high.

  • Vitki the Wizard.

    Vitki the Wizard. ‘It’s a kinda Magic!’ ‘Vitki’ the Wizards is skilled in the magical lore of the Forest holding his staff embellished with gemstones. Vitki is approximately 17 cm tall, he wears a black cloak and a Black felt hat with Magical Silver Glitter. In his hand he holds his Magical Staff adorned with […]

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